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Learn in-demand skills by implementing for Free.
Compete with other participants in weekly project-based assignments.
Show your skills and get a chance of Internship.
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Why DevIncept?

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Become a part of a community with like-minded people. We are on Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, Telegram to learn, work, and grow together.

An environment, where you not only have to read or watch videos but interactive modules where you can test your skills and compete with other participants. 

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Work on projects from scratch and deploy them. Shine up your resume with amazing projects.
Build and host your own portfolio.

Work on assignments and weekly assessments to show up on the Leaderboard. Get skill badges and a Certificate to shine up your resume.

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Prove yourself, and earn a chance to get an internship at DevIncept.

How it works?

We at DevIncept, believe that the most effective way to learn is project-based learning.


Get enrolled in our project-based learning program which mainly focuses on in-demand skills.

Learn by Writing

Implement each learned module, make live projects, deploy them, and compete in weekly assessments.

Community Support

Become part of our community on slack, discord, and telegram. Learn with like-minded people with similar learning goals.
Interact with mentors whenever you need help.


Keep practicing what you learned, by developing and deploying by innovating new ideas.


The following timeline will be followed for each individual course

Registration Starts: Select the learning path

Select from the learning paths we are providing right now, and enroll in the one which suits you the best. All the information about the program will be mailed/messaged to the participants.


Access is given to the Prerequisites Module, mentors allocated, and community bonding.

Program officially starts

Access to modules will be given and resources will be shared each week followed by project assignments/ assessments for 4 weeks, based on which leaderboard will be updated each week.

Program ends

All Projects will be completed/deployed by now and will be submitted for evaluation.

Results announced

Perks will be distributed

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